Your interest in joining us at Exodus is like a ray of hope in the lives of those we support. We’re not just an organisation; we’re a family bound by compassion. We understand that your presence, your willingness to help, isn’t just a gesture – it’s a promise to change lives.

At Exodus, we value each form of support because we address a wide range of issues affecting individuals of all ages. Whether it’s nurturing traumatised children, aiding domestic abuse survivors, empowering those in the grip of addiction, or assisting families on the brink of homelessness, your contribution holds immeasurable value. Your interest in getting involved signifies not only your willingness to help but also your embrace of compassion and kindness, values that deeply resonate with us.

Compassionate Support for Neglected Issues


Donating to people in need is more than just a mere act of generosity; it embodies the profound impact one can have on the lives of those facing adversity. It serves as a lifeline, providing essential resources and support to individuals and communities grappling with unique challenges. Each contribution, no matter how small, becomes a catalyst for positive change, fostering a sense of hope and shared humanity.

Community & Volunteering

Food Service is the core of our community’s outreach. It serves as a vital support for those facing financial hardships. Recognising that a well-nourished body uplifts the spirit, we provide more than just meals; we offer self-respect and faith for those who need it. Our mission is to nurture their souls, providing a moment of respite and the assurance that in the face of challenges, a compassionate community stands steadfastly by their side.

Fundraise with Us

At Exodus, we assist individuals on the brink of homelessness in securing safe and stable housing. The perils associated with homelessness, including poverty, declining health, and susceptibility to crime, can be mitigated with our support. Through the provision of secure accommodation, we establish a foundation for a brighter future, ensuring that everyone has a place they can confidently call home.