Your Gift, Their Hope: Partner with Exodus in Changing Lives.

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Connecting, Supporting and Building Community

At Exodus, we breathe life into compassion. Our mission is simple: to be there when others aren’t, to lend a hand in the storm. We’re more than helpers; we’re listeners, friends in tough times. We turn struggles into strength, crafting hope from despair. Every smile we bring is a victory, every transformed tear, a testament to resilience. We stand with those facing battles, offering not just help, but heartfelt support. Our passion is in those moments when hope flickers back to life and courage replaces fear. We find purpose in turning heartaches into stories of success. Guided by Christ’s unconditional love, with open hearts and caring hands, we make it our mission to be the reason someone believes in goodness. Exodus is where struggles find an end and where the journey to strength begins.

Weaving a Web of Support: What We Offer

We are deeply committed to understanding and genuinely supporting everyone’s unique struggles. We transform pain into happiness by truly grasping their experiences. Our tailored assistance offers impactful support and trust. Our services provide a comforting refuge, ensuring understanding, compassion and real help.

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Mental Health Support

At Exodus, our mental health support services and experienced counsellors offer personalised therapy session, providing a warm and understanding environment. We specialise in individual, couples, family, addiction, grief, trauma and sexual assault counselling.

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Family & Domestic Violence Support

We understand challenges faced by family and domestic violence survivors. Our services include sensitive case planning, vital referrals to legal aid and shelters and steadfast advocacy and support. We also offer refuge and mentoring services.

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Drug & Alcohol Support Services

Our counsellors, experienced in addiction therapy, offer empathetic support, helping individuals confront their issues with understanding and dignity. We facilitate access to rehabilitation centres and additional support services, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

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Community Programs & Volunteering

Exodus thrives on community engagement and volunteering, creating a network of support and belonging. Our volunteering program offers a chance to contribute meaningfully, while the job readiness program equips individuals with skills for employment.

Sowing Seeds of Change: How We Help

At Exodus, we stand beside those navigating life’s most challenging waters, providing not just assistance, but heartfelt companionship on their journey. We recognise the difficult struggles people face and that’s why we connect them with caring experts—counsellors, psychologists and dedicated professionals—who are qualified to provide personalised support. Our efforts, inspired by Christ, are woven from real stories, real challenges and real victories.

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Counselling Services

From individual sessions, where personal narratives find a voice, to couples and family counselling, fostering understanding and healing relationships, our compassionate counsellors offer solace and guidance. At Exodus, pain is heard, validated and met with genuine care.


Case Management Services

We make vital referrals, connecting individuals to the right resources. Through Advocacy, we amplify their voices, ensuring they’re heard. Our Mentoring Services are rooted in understanding, providing ongoing guidance. With us, it’s not just about resolving problems; it’s about ending the cycle.


Community Engagement

Exodus thrives on community engagement and volunteering, creating a network of support and belonging. Through initiatives like Street Saints Bible Study, Connect Youth Forum, Grounded Women’s Group, Mum’s & Bub’s Group, Art Group, Seniors Group and Liturgy, we foster diverse connections.

Events Calendar

Staying Grounded (every Tuesday 7:30PM)

Join us for our weekly women’s meeting, where women of all ages and stages of life are welcome. We would love for you to join us and bring a friend!

Street Saints Bible Study (Every Wednesday 7:30PM)

Our bible study group welcomes all and holds a non-judgemental space. We would love to meet you! Please join us as we continue to dive deeper into the Word of God.

Community Liturgy and Brunch ( Every Thursday 9AM)

We would be honoured to have you join us for liturgy, followed by coffee and a delicious brunch. Feel free to bring your loved ones along – the more the merrier!