In our community, we stand by individuals and families during tough times. We understand their challenges and are committed to providing genuine support. Going beyond the ordinary, we build trust, offering personalised assistance that makes a real difference. With our services, we create a safe space with care, compassion and meaningful support, creating a community where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Exodus Community Programs

Grounded Women's Group

Grounded is a nurturing community that is committed to the education, empowerment, and support of women in all aspects of their lives. We embrace a spirit of service that aims to cultivate the personal and social well-being of women and the wider community. Through self-care and personal growth, Grounded inspires women to extend their care and support to others around them.

Seniors Connect Program

Exodus hosts a fortnightly Seniors Connect Meeting, designed to empower seniors through engagement with case workers and peers in our community. This gathering offers a variety of activities and workshops aimed at fostering social connections and community engagement. From rejuvenating yoga sessions to culinary, gardening, and therapeutic art classes, our diverse program ensures an enriching experience. Sunny days often take us outdoors, allowing our seniors to revel in nature’s beauty. Moreover, educational sessions covering topics like dementia, sleep hygiene, and social well-being add depth to their learning and overall experience.

Street Saints Bible Study

Street Saints is an Orthodox Christian fellowship group established by Exodus in 2014. Every Wednesday evening, we come together to delve into the Holy Scriptures in a warm, non-judgmental environment. Our inclusive space embraces people from diverse backgrounds, inviting everyone to join in fellowship and community. Beyond studying the Scriptures, our gatherings explore Orthodox spirituality and the ascetic traditions of the ancient church. These sessions are complemented by a variety of social events, fostering stronger connections and a deeper sense of community among us.

Community Liturgy & Brunch

Join us at Exodus for our Community Liturgy and Brunch every Thursday at 9 am, an inclusive event open to everyone. This gathering provides an opportunity for community members, volunteers, donors, and staff to come together, connect, and build relationships. It’s a moment where staff bring the needs of clients before God, fostering a collaborative and therapeutic journey. The Liturgy offers a serene and welcoming environment for personal reflection, benefiting both clients and attendees. At Exodus, we take pride in our holistic approach, prioritizing not only the emotional and physical health of our community members but also nurturing their spiritual well-being.

'Go With Purpose' International Community Development Program

This unique volunteer initiative offers an opportunity to make a tangible difference in communities worldwide. Through meaningful projects and hands-on engagement, participants contribute their skills and compassion to foster sustainable change. Whether it’s supporting education, healthcare, or environmental conservation, volunteers become catalysts for positive impact while immersing themselves in diverse cultures and forging lifelong connections. ‘Go With Purpose’ invites you to join this impactful journey, where each volunteer plays a vital role in building a brighter future for communities in need.

Mums & Bubs Support

Exodus’s Mums and Bubs Support Group extends a helping hand during the precious yet challenging postnatal period. Our dedicated volunteers provide invaluable support to new mothers by assisting with household chores like laundry and dishes, easing the load during this transformative time. Beyond practical help, our volunteers offer companionship, creating a nurturing environment where new moms feel supported and cared for. Join us as we aim to uplift and empower mothers, ensuring they feel cherished and less overwhelmed during this beautiful phase of motherhood.