End Of Financial Year Campaign

From Hope to Home

Join Us in Building Our Promised Land

For 22 years, Exodus has been a guiding light for those seeking a path out of captivity — from addiction, mental health struggles, and violence — towards healing and hope. Now, we have a new dream: to create a permanent home that embodies the safety, support and community we strive to provide. This is our Promised Land, and we need your help to bring it to life.

Our Vision

Our new headquarters will be more than just a building. It will be a sanctuary for those we serve, a hub for our dedicated volunteers, and a beacon of hope for our entire team. With your support, we can transform this space into a true home for our community.

Help us turn
‘hope into a home’.

Join Us in Building Our Promised Land

Counselling Rooms

Safe and private spaces where individuals can find support and guidance.

Staff Offices

Collaborative environments where our team can work together to provide the best care.

Meeting Rooms

Versatile spaces for planning, support groups, and community meetings.

Multi-Purpose Area

Flexible rooms for workshops, events, and activities that enrich our community.

Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Warm, welcoming areas where people can share meals and build connections.


A serene space for reflection, prayer, and peace.

The Stories That Matter

Read about the journeys of those who have found hope and healing through Exodus. Your support can help us continue to make a difference in their lives.

Join ‘Hope to Home’ Campaign and Contribute to Exodus’ Promised Land.