Did you know that for many individuals struggling with mental health issues, Monday is often the toughest day of the week? It’s a day that can magnify feelings of anxiety, depression and overwhelm. It’s hard to hear and even harder to not do something about it. With your support, we aim to turn Mondays from a day of dread into a day of hope and healing.

You’ve made it this far and that is something that we are extremely grateful for.

The next step is making a donation.

Remember, by helping us hire a part-time or full-time therapist, you are making the difference to not just one life – many lives. We encourage you to give generously.


Want to know more?

How much are we raising?

We are raising $60,000 to pay for a part-time therapist.

Who is the counselling for?

Basically, anyone who needs it. It may be a person who is suffering from a mental health issue, domestic violence, homelessness or just life in general. We are not discriminatory in who we see.

How can you help everyone who has a mental health issue?

The real answer is we can’t. However, we have set up group sessions that will be facilitated by this therapist to ensure that everyone has access. We will also continue to raise funds to hopefully bring the therapist on full-time.

Will the therapist cost my brother, sister, cousin, aunt etc?

No. We are a not-for-profit and as such we are here to support our community.

Want to know more?

Even the smallest donation from you can blossom into a profound gift for someone else.


Provides a meal for someone hungry.


Provides clean new clothes to a person in need.


Provides a gift hamper filled with food, medicine and toiletries for a family of four.


Provides a package of necessities including blankets, pillows, kitchen essentials to an individual transitioning into secure housing.